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11 reports about 239-842-8313

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9440 19th Jun, 2017+0
They called one morning about 10:30 stating that they wanted to see if i was home because they were coming to arrested me for a loan that wasnt paid. They gave me an 855 number to call to stop them from comming out to my house. The 855 number wanted to set up a payment plan with outragious payments. They wanted $300 more then the original loan was. They scammed me out of $50 then I cancelled the debit card I gave them and they have been non stop calling with harraising messages.
DAVINA HARLEY 8th Jan, 2015+0
Ju 29th Dec, 2014+0
Have gotten over 25 calls from this damn number in the past 4 days, 9 of them on Sunday so it is not a ligitimate call from citibank, no one ever says anything, a recording to press 1 for english and so on, first off this is America speak english or dont call me and dont call me with a recording.
ood 23rd Jul, 2013+0
Didn't leave any message. Called my cell # which is registered with "No call registration"
lle 25th Jan, 2013+0
David's bridal - okemos, calling to checkup after shopping there one day few months ago.
kccc 1st Jan, 2013+0
Missed a call from this phone number, as I have my phone on silent while I'm at work. I'm too busy to deal with these crooks, they should quit trying to steal from innocent people that actually work for their money.
Warren 5th Apr, 2012+0
Idian man calling stating he was gonna call my boss and tell them I was a bad person.They advised me of a loan I owed. I had to close my account because of fraud. They left me a voice mail saying good luck with the Wrath upon me????????? I have no clue who they are or what they want but this is crazy! They also said they were part of the Justice Department beaware
AAS 18th Jan, 2012+0
I receive nearly 30 calls a day from this number. When I answer, no one responds. If I receive one more call from this number, I will report it to the police.
Joseph Dischinger 7th Jan, 2012+0
tp2010 21st Dec, 2011+0
Call at various hours.....leave no message...............telemarketing?
sharon97 19th Dec, 2011+0
Caller asked for my husband name and when I asked who is calling she hung up.

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